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The Band - The Myth - The Legend - 90%

ThePharao, November 21st, 2002

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow. The face of melodic death metal. This is their latest release "A Virgin And A Whore". What can I say about it? It's just as great as the rest of their albums. They truly keep up their good reputation that they got after "Chaotic Beauty". ETOS has become legends on the metal scene. There is not one true metalhead that doesn't know about them. Their soft and cozy death metal is just great.

On the last album "Chaotic Beauty" we got to hear a lot of keyboards in the music. This continues on this CD. The opening track "Aurora Borealis" holds a great standard with fast and super melodic keyboards. It almost made me lose my control when I first heard it. But not all songs are filled with hysteric keyboards. The song "Blood and hatred" holds no melodic keyboards at all. It's a great song based on true guitar fondleing.

Even though ETOS has got the reputation to be cozy death metal sing along for kidz, it's not. These guys are serious and really good musicians. Unfortunately they have started their long break now. Read more about that on their homepage:
But if you still want to hear death metal from this band you should try Kalmah. Three of ETOS' members are also playing in this finish melodic death metal band. And the bands sound quite alike, with 2 small diffrences:
Kalmah has a better grunter and no kayboards that plays hystericly.
One of the best death metal albums that has been released ever. Get it now!
- The Pharao 21/11 -02