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The Solstice is Father To Good Death Metal - 100%

Undynethedead, June 17th, 2016
Written based on this version: 1994, CD, De Muziekfabriek

Eternal Solstice is yet another example of a death metal band languishing in the depths of obscurity, more than likely simply due to timing than anything else. The '90s European underground was rife with bands shamefully pushed out of the public eye by the waves of melodeath, especially around 1994.

That's pretty awful, then, because this is a sublime example of how to properly craft some transitioning death metal. It is a near-perfect mix of old-school scenes both European and American, and even properly integrates the guitar-playing techniques and harmonics of early melodic death metal; the drumming hits hard and fast, creating a beautifully rolling rhythm in compliment to the low-end, rumbling bass. Even in the slower interludes and introductions, the guitar keeps its murderous energy, carrying both a quality of "epic" reach and of the violence for which good death metal is known. The screams are most heavily reminiscent of Bolt Thrower, which is the most powerful example of a common quality in the band's sound; fans of the Warhammer-loving Brit-death band, rejoice, for this may be a kindred spirit in rollicking riffs.

Overall, from start to finish, this is a slab of well-done headbanging death metal-- at times, I just stopped what I was doing to air guitar and whip my head about. Certainly, a commendable production in the infinite plains of death.