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Inconsistent, uninspiring - 25%

deadweight2, December 19th, 2008

Wither is a strange album. It's an oddball mixture that alternates between two genres -- it's got a split-personality complex.

Some songs are semi-decent slow melodic metal with a death metal singer, a somewhat haunting atmosphere, decent but pretty slow guitars, almost doomy in nature -- not especially heavy, but listen-able. These songs are not so bad, to my taste.

Then there are other songs that I'd characterize as basically rock songs with a whiny singer and little apparent metal content. I found the clean, whiny vocals really annoying and I did not enjoy these songs at all. The album mostly alternates between these two kinds of songs, destroying any consistency or atmosphere.

I should probably disclose that my own tastes run to melodic death and to great guitarwork, so others who look for something else in their albums might have a different opinion. Nonethless, from my perspective, after Righteous (a much better album), Wither is a real disappointment. I won't be listening to Wither much. For fans of melodic death who want to explore Eternal Oath, start with Righteous.