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Uninspired, inoffensive - 40%

deadweight2, December 19th, 2008

This is a not-particularly-exciting death metal album, with little to make you sit up and take notice. It's got a little bit of melody, but on a scale from "brutal/extreme death metal" to "death metal" to "melodic death metal", it's about in the middle. The music isn't particularly brutal or fast; it's middle of the road (which is OK with me). It's not likely to appeal much to diehard fans of Gothenburg melodeath, because the melodic quotient is not very high, and the guitars just aren't terribly interesting -- they're more in the nature of rhythmic accompaniment to the singer. The singer has huge, deep death vocals which are pretty good (as the genre goes), but for me that just isn't enough. Overall, nothing really stood out.

Ultimately, I guess I just didn't enjoy this album -- there was nothing wrong with it, exactly, but it didn't do anything for me. There wasn't much here that made me want to smile or bang my head or get into it or rewind to hear a track again, and I probably won't be listening to the album again frequently, if at all. I found this album less interesting than Righteous (a much better album), so if you want to check out Eternal Oath, my advice would be to start with Righteous. But keep in mind that this might reflect my own tastes for Gothenburg melodeath, thrash, and blistering twin guitars; others might have a different reaction to this album.