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Decent melodeath - 70%

deadweight2, December 19th, 2008

I found Righteous to be a decent, enjoyable melodic death metal album. It's nothing particularly unusual or particularly inspired, but it's listenable for fans of the genre.

The main genre seems to be melodic death but with a bit of gothic/dark metal atmosphere thrown in. The lead singer has a monster death metal voice. The guitars are decent but don't expect blistering guitar solos. Thankfully it's free of blast beats (which I am not a fan of) and the drummer is unobtrusive. The general feeling reminds me of, say, Godgory.

Of the songs on the album, the one that really stood out the most for me was "The Tears For Time", the album closer. It starts off with some absolutely beautiful acoustic guitar (I'm a sucker for that), then dives into a pretty catchy tune. Unfortunately the vocals on this song are from a woman whose voice just did not work for me (she feels off-tune and her voice isn't great), but the instruments make up for it.

This is the best Eternal Oath album I've found (better than Through the Eyes of Hatred or Wither), so for those who want to explore Eternal Oath, this might be a good place to start.

Bottom line: decent but not outstanding. You've heard this kind of thing before but if you want more, give this album a try.