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Music with a message. - 80%

overkill666, April 21st, 2008

Eternal Mystery is a very, very Christian band. Broc really points out his views and beliefs with the project. I would like to point out that I'm not a Christian, but I like this album. Sure, I might not agree with what he says, but the music gives it more justice.

Eternal Mystery is primarily a grindcore band. This album is most influenced by modern death metal. The vocals are what gives the music the grindcore feel, while the instruments give the death metal feel.

The guitar style for this release is primarily fast, with a lot of rhythm riff work. The guitar tone is very heavy, and it gives the music an extra dose of brutality. Broc has a nice style of playing, he has a lot of variation. He can play fast, and also play slower. The slow parts usually come in as fills between the verses. There are no guitar solos to be discussed. Eternal Mystery usually puts no emphasis on the bass work. The bass can be heard, but there is nothing special about it. The bass follows the guitar lines.

The drum work is composed of a drum machine. Broc is smart, and usually makes it at a real-life playing speed. There are only a couple on instances where the drum machine is way too fast. He also loves to use crash symbols in his music. I think he is skilled at using this drum machine because it usually sounds good all of the time.

The vocal style is actually very good. Broc uses a low gurgle style. This is prominent in a lot of grindcore bands. Broc actually has a lot of talent in this area, so the vocals sound good. They give the music the grind feel while the instruments give it the death metal feel. The second vocalist, Kyle Gill, is another story. I actually dislike his scream style. He uses a black metal style raspy scream. I have to say it doesn't really fit the music well. This is the last album Kyle Gill appears on though, so that is a plus.

Eternal Mystery is a band that proves grindcore is about spreading a message. In reality, grindcore is about the freedom to speak about whatever you want. Eternal Mystery takes a religious stance, and it's good to see that a band promotes its message thoroughly. I would recommend this band to an open minded person who likes the death metal and grindcore genres. I would advise them to look out though, Eternal Mystery does use a lot of intro clips.

Bruised For Our Trangressions - 87%

Wilkins, June 18th, 2007

This album is the first full length album from Christian Grindcore/ Goregrind band Eternal Mystery. I got this album off of Broc. This album is a pretty good album if I do say so myself. There are a few songs in this album that do not catch the attention of my ears, but that is to be expected from any band of this genre. But I must say there are a fair few of really good songs in this album. For example their title track "Bruised for Our Transgressions" caught my attention in the earlier part of this 31 track, 41 minute Grindcore blitz. This album, just like any normal Grindcore/ Goregrind albums has its typically really short songs, songs like Reborn and the Way, Truth and the Life are prime examples of this. Besides this album being some really good goregrind, it actually has some really good messages in it, for example the songs Nation of Disgust and Hatred really hit hard at those who purposefully degrade the name of Christ, in particular the West Boro Baptist Church. My personal favourite tracks of this album would have to be Fall of the AntiChrist and Apocalyptic, the double kicks and the pretty neat guitarring wins me over any time. There are some really deep songs in this album, one in particular Swallowed by Darkness which is pretty much a personal testimony from Broc, one of the members of the band. The very last track is a cover of the great Vomitorial Corpulence's song "Hammering Satan's Head" which also goes very well…

All wrapped up, if you love goregrind with high screeching vocals and pummeling drums (albeit it being a drum machine) I do recommend this album for you. There are some shall I say ordinary tracks, but there are some really awesome tracks, that I blast over and over again, and those really good tracks make it worth while.. It is a good addition to your collection.

Recommended tracks:

Fall of the AntiChrist
Swallowed By Darkness
Sewage Church
Nation of Disgust