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A damn shame this is the only relase - 95%

SirMichaelJ, February 12th, 2007

Remember the early and mid 90's style melodic death metal? The heavy thrash of At the Gates, the melody of Dark Tranquillity, remember those?

Well Eternal Lies replicates this sound by combining both sounds to create a refreshing sound in the year 2002, This release has gone widely unnoticed, this is the first review in 5 years on this site alone. It's a shame this band could not keep banded and release more albums. The melodic death metal seen has evolved so far away from this particular sound that it's almost dead. One of the best things about this release is the black metal influence drawn into the guitars at times. A heavy mix of black and thrash melodies are very appealing to the ears. The blistering double bass and blast beasts keep you headbanging the entire time. The vocals are even in the vein of Tomas Linburg, minus some of the higher pitch. The bass even shiones through at times to not be obsolete lke so many bassist are, you can feel it over the leads which gave me a real brutal feeling.

Leaving ONly Me kicks the cd off with an intro that makes you think the cd would be soft. Once the double bass hit the leads blow you away, the double bass and blast beats hit your soul, the vocals in particular on this song are my favorite. The thrash influence is very apparent in this song. There are also a few black metal style riffs going on during the blast beats. I like this because it let's you appreciate both styles of guitars with the appropiate part.

Winter Breeze is another track worth noting. It starts off with a insane death metal riff and blast beats. Right from the getgo you are hit hard. Not to mention the bass in this song is audible throughout the entire song, adding a little extra crush to ths song. A bridge at the 2:25 mark is brilliant. The drumming is still relentless and the guitars create such a soft melody it's hard to contrast the two, but it works..

This cd is full of old school melodic death metal with some black metal influence here and there. I suggest you listen to this immediately if you were a fan of the 90's style melodic death metal. All around this cd is near flawless. Great Production, expertise on instruments all around, long tracks with 10 songs so you get your fill, and so on.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy a classic, nearly lost sound.