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A kindless effort - 97%

Defiler, February 15th, 2004

This album is one of the best Israeli effort ever recorded. Recorded at the Abyss studios (Children of Bodom's last releases, Dimmu Burgir, Hypocrasy and stuff) the album knows a flawless production, where every note is heard - it can be easily compared to the masterpiece of metal productions as Nevermore's DHIAD or Dark Tranquility's Damage done.
The songs hear are deffenitly death metal - but not the brutal version of the late and well known Death-Grind-Groove as Dying Fetus or the bombastic Nile. It's more of a mid-tempo assault with blazing kick-drums spanked by Eran Asias. Eyal and Dori are amazing guitar-players, both influenced by Death metal legends as Morbid Angel, and the influence can be heard all over the album, and also by more new-comers to the metal-scene - again speaking of Nevermore.

The first song is "Sins in the process of creation". It's a pure death metal attack that comes from no where and grant the listenner with the large persperctive of Eternal Gray. In the middle of the song the fat rushing stops and change to groove-oriented bomber the swings to the pick of the song with lead guitar works of both Eyal and Dori - both of them are amazing with their work and talent. Schmere (Bass/vocals on most Destruction career) gives here an appearance with his grittling vocals. also appear on the album is Peter of Hypocracy.... can't remember when though

The album's best cut are probably "Flesh cycle" which is pure aggression combaining both melodies and heaviness in death metal in general. also "Absent mourn" with it's opening solo. Unbelivble.

To the rest of the unbeliviers - "The unbeliviers die" is the song for you - A chormatic effort combinig all the sections in the possible death metal music - from the cutting edge of it's brutality with fast-lightspeed-tempo - to more groovie and slower parts, through even some black metal riffing, reminding the late Rotting christ.

To sum all ups - it's a great album - not a "Blessed are the sick" - it's not so ground-breaking in the genre - but it gives a new perspective to all the 7-strings-death-metal-bands - not Cannibal corpse anymore - But melodic and yet heavy. Don't expect to come into a new In flames in here - it's much more darker - yet quite bright and melodic to the close Vile release.