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Quite possibly the best of its kind - 99%

Radius, November 30th, 2005

Now I'm not one to give away high scores like candy, but Eternal Elysium's legendary "Spiritualized D" album has earned this score with flying colors.

Let me first say that I was really never into stoner rock before purchasing this album. Sure, I've heard Black Sabbath through and through, but names like Electric Wizard and Kyuss meant nothing to me until after I heard this album...

Now if you're already fans of those bands, this album should most definitely find its way into your collection (And should already be).

My interest in Eternal Elysium first sparked upon hearing vocalist Yukito cameo his vocals on 'Requiem - Nostalgia', a track off of "Imaginary Sonicscape", the masterpiece released by fellow Japanese musicians, Sigh.

Eventually "Spiritualized D" would find its way into my CD player, and after that first spin, would remain there for a very long time.

Each track is diverse in its own way. No two tracks on the album sound the same, and most of them will keep your interest for the whole length of the song (And several of them are between five and eight minutes long).

Eternal Elysium gathers their inspiration from Black Sabbath (of course), Iron Maiden (There's even a unique cover of 'Innocent Exile' here), and the classic Japanese 70s psychedelic Flower Travellin Band. Eternal Elysium interprets the sounds of these bands in their own way, creating an amazing sound that is pure bliss for the ears (Especially for fans of 70s psychedelic rock).

Eternal Elysium are masterminds at creating classic tracks that you can't help but bang your head to. 'Splendid Selfish Woman' makes the blueprints for a classic from start to finish. 'Stone Wedge' is a short, but damned sweet track wtih some great vocals by Yokito. 'Faithful 99' is a rerecorded version of the instrumental track from the band's first album, but is played even better here. This song is amsolutely amazing!

Each instrument is played with perfect precision. Once the album listens you'll be in for the ultimate mind trip, and you don't even have to be stoned to do so! The amount of classics that are found on this album is just simply amazing and this is still definitely the best stoner rock album I have yet to hear. The album uses up all of the time a CD can hold, going up to the very last minute.

Do yourself a favor, get out there and buy this album! If you are a Sabbath fan, or just a fan of 70s hard rock, psychedelic rock, or even curious about the Japanese stoner rock scene (Which I would also recommend Church of Misery and Boris), then go out and BUY THIS ALBUM! I could not recommend it more than I have. If you ever buy any albums from Eternal Elysium, this is the one to get.