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Polish jewel - 90%

lordazmolozmodial, July 7th, 2012

The legacy that lies within the death metal compositions is the energy and the capability of converting feelings into real extreme art, and the essence of the black metal compositions is converting the wrath and impure feelings into grim hateful piece of art, if someday we decided to swallow these two musical types together with some salty doom/avant-grade flavoring, then you have to know that the only remaining taste on your tongue would be freaking tasty, and I am here talking exactly about the Polish metal band "Eternal Deformity".

The band stored a lot of mixed up inspirations and influences since the first demo album "Forgotten Distant Time" and continued these fuzzy visions for their fifth full-length album "The Beauty of Chaos", so prepare your ears for some complicated sophistication before playing this CD. The deep green colors of the artwork completed my visions about this bestial album, where obscurity is its grass and the gloomy performance is its woods, the dress of the avant-grade genre wasn't enough to cover the barrel of his record, because the volume of variations and the huge collection of musical influences are capturing every single track in this record.

The warm clean vocals moments have been squeezed into the cracks of the compositions to fill the whole musical scenario, and actually these kinds of vocals added more brightness to the tracks "Caught out Lying" and "The Holy Decay", the capability of this brightness sank deeper between the melodic distorted guitars to add another dreamy dimension, especially when the heat of the throat explodes upon the surface of the clean guitar sections. The high harsh vocals of this record gave a black metal field within the total sound, and using this kind of airy crispiness alongside the warm vocals worked perfectly to remove all the boredom and made this job nearly perfect, especially in the tracks "Thy Kingdom Gone" and "The Sun".

As you sink deeper into this oceanic album, you will notice the enormous efforts that have been done in the performance of the guitars, the subatmospheric clean guitars and the progressiveness of the riffs rose and shined here o create a very wide range for the lead guitar to shout, some lead guitar works and solos that took a place in the tracks "The Holy Decay" and "Lifeless" show some real talent and pure inspiration, and tracks like "The Beauty of the Ultimate End" give us more aspects of rhythm guitar strength and stability. The drumming and the bass-lines are embossed sharply beneath the keyboards that swim beyond the wall of the rhythm guitar, we can hear that clearly in the track "Pestilence Claims no Higher Purpose". The crystallized production reflects every touch like a mirror, the taintless distortion and the alternative keyboard signals build a sphere of liquid endurance and professional sound.

Many people around the world don't like to sink inside such a complex music, especially if there's no singular genre can describe the songwriting, but there are also many people in this world that love to hear complex art with absolute originality, actually its hard for me to compare "Eternal Deformity" with any other band because the creative music that they create is not ordinary, but I am sure that this album is one of the best extreme metal albums of this year, get your copy now and get your face smashed with some complexity.

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Worth a spin - 70%

Andromeda_Unchained, June 26th, 2012

This is pretty cool. Eternal Deformity are a progressive metal act from Poland, and the band definitely include a lot of different elements in their sound. I've seen them described as Avant-Garde, but I don't think their sound is as oddball as one you would except from that tag. The band fuse elements of death metal and even power metal into their style of progressive metal, and shades of acts such as Opeth and Edge of Sanity can be heard in their sound.

Having said that, it is still difficult to nail reference points for this band's sound, and splicing middle-period Opeth with later Edge of Sanity is definitely the best I can come up with. This is Eternal Deformity's fifth full-length release, and it certainly shows that the band are well experienced in their chosen craft. The ideas are good and fairly well realized on The Beauty of Chaos with good shifts in dynamics, and nice use of shifting between clean and aggressive vocals as well as clean and distorted guitars.

Overall an enjoyable album, with some genuinely awesome moments strewn throughout, the production is vibrant, and tracks such as "Lifeless" and "The Sun" are undoubtedly cool. Fans of progressive metal, and melodic death metal will certainly find something to love here.

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