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Totally worthy death metal - 99%

burntblack, January 17th, 2007

This follow-up to "Incomplete Minds" is a long bar of sharp barbed steel that will either go in your ears or up yur arse. This release is distinguished by unrelentingly heavy riffs and saw blade through the cranium vocals. This really is one of those releases that blows my skull off from start to finish, it doesn't get much better than this i m o. I know it sounds like I could be saying this w/out having heard the music, but I've heard it many times and am blasting it thru my h.p.s now, and to try to describe any given song is like trying to describe what it feels like to watch someone get blown apart by a hand grenade - its just pure fucking obliteration.

For argument's sake, the opening song - "Broken Orgasm" is marked by massively thick layerd guitar pummeling, with a mountain of bass right behind it, and the vocals lead the charge with complete earnest intensity. This one is a real DM classic, it's too bad it didn't get more attention, it's much, much more brutal than Cannibal Corpse i m o, and I like CC.
Going on about each song would NOT be doing them justice, all I can say is this band has made gutars and bass, drums and brutal vocs sound more punishingly crushing than 9?% of the oher bands I've heard. I think they can most be compared to Defloration, DeepRed (Fin), 1st Hour of Penance album.

If you don't believe me, there should be some free DLs of some of their songs on the web, try Metal Age Prods. website.-This one desearves a 99, but don't trust me.