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Reeks of Some Serious Musical Melee Here - 93%

bayern, March 8th, 2021

Not exactly an obscurity this marvel here, as I know a few metalheads that listen to it on fairly regular bases. In fact, it was one of them that asked me to visit the band page here and to pen a few words, if possible, since he thought that the reviews thrown the band’s way so far didn’t do them justice. I’m not quite sure if that’s the case as the guys, who have tried their hands on those, have expressed their admiration with the sounds emitted by these fabulous Swedes, each in their own way… strange how I’ve never thought of visiting this page… a shame which I have to wash away with a few eulogistic, commendatory paragraphs… for the last time I promise.

This compilation here features the 1992 demo in its entirety, plus tracks from two recording sessions (one in 1993; the other in 1995) that never saw the light of day. The whole package presents the musicians, who never appeared in another formation afterwards, as fully accomplished technical deathsters, shredding with the utmost precision with articulate cutting riffs that are orderly and obediently arranged, think Pestilence’s “Testimony of the Ancients”, minus the progressive flamboyance and the elaborate melodic excursions. The three cuts from the demo neatly fit this definition, fast-paced riff-mongers with a tolerable amount of twists and turns, also coming with a crisp sound quality, with “Day of Confusion” trying to capture some of the contrived magic of the mentioned album with prolonged more intricate decisions.

The material from the sessions comes served with muddier production, but the guys’ imagination takes a wilder flight. The delivery strangely reminds of the early efforts of the Canadians Malhavoc, with a similar array of melodic walkabouts and tight technical riffage although there isn’t much show-offy ado anywhere as neither composition goes over the 5-min mark. The main frame remains on the speedy, near-hyper-active at times, side but the time shifts are more frequent, and the riff-patterns are denser, produced with staccato-like passion; just listen to “Sadistic Mind” and try to follow the fever-ish hectic stop-and-go rhythms which suddenly transform into a vigorous speed metal-esque gallop and vice versa, this alteration creating a lot of drama, not without the help of a few tasteful melodic licks. Said number is from the 1995 session which also includes “Invincible Dream”, a more melodic but equally as nervy tractate, an immaculate eventful tech-fest with explosive linear insertions. The 1993 fraction is a tad more immediate, but at the same time it contains the most outlandish additives, like the surreal bass-driven spasms on “Failed Humankind”, or the memorable epic digressions on “Sworn in Blood“, or the unheralded heart-melting lyricism of the short instrumental etude “M.C.”.

The vocal performance doesn’t change throughout, the man holding onto his gruff semi-shouty death metal baritone the whole time, sounding a bit more passionate and consequently more comprehensible on the few mellower developments. This has nothing to do with the Swedish scene’s spawn, no Gothenburg school melo-histrionics, no buzzsaw barrage-like belligerence ala Unleashed and Dismember… it’s a unique entity that literally gave birth to the technical death metal niche over there, alongside other visionary outfits like Regurgitate, Suffer, Xymonthra… the Swedish underground rose with stolid determination in the early-90’s, and this batch here can rightfully be considered one of its finest representatives; valiant pioneers who didn’t last long but the reek of their contrived legacy can still be felt even in the most fragrant corners of the universe.

A fantastic compilation of death metal! - 95%

MorbidAtheist666, May 26th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Memento Mori

This has all the songs ever recorded by Eructation. Eructation was one of many Swedish death metal bands that formed in the early 1990's. They only managed to release one demo in 1992 with 3 songs. That was all they had to offer for years until 2016. Memento Mori decided to re-release that 3 song demo and 7 other songs that were previously unreleased for years. They did an awesome job compiling all of Eructation's songs.

This compilation starts off with Demo #1, a 3 song demo that was released in 1992. These are not exactly typical Swedish death metal sounding songs. They sound more American than Swedish. These 3 songs are the thickest and rawest songs on the whole compilation. Day of Confusion begins with vocoder sounding vocals that sounds ultra evil. This song is a standard early 1990's death metal song that features swift drumming by Tobias Sannerstig and basic death metal riffs. They are nice and catchy riffs, expect that on the 2 other demo songs. The bass can be heard really well on this song and the other songs from the 1992 demo. In fact, it's extremely clear on these songs and it's rare to listen to old school death metal stuff with the bass clear. Tobias Karlsson is an excellent bassist. Mattias Stenborg has a great voice and does some superb growling. It sounds like his main influence is Dave Vincent from Morbid Angel. He’s a good guitarist as well. Anders Melander is a good guitarist as well.

Now the next 4 songs were intended to be released as an EP in the beginning of the mid nineties. These were recorded at the end of the early nineties. It sounds like a slight improvement compared to Demo #1. Again, they don’t sound like your typical Swedish death metal outfit. The recordings sound a bit thin and not that thick like on the demo. Failed Mankind has ultra fast drumming, mind-blowing riffs, awesome vocals and even a gnarly bass solo. Sworn in Blood has the fastest drumming and it has super sonic sounding guitar riffs. They re-recorded Day of Confusion. It’s not as raw as the demo version. It is also a shorter song. They seem a bit more focused on this one and it’s a bit faster. They eliminated the vocoder sounding vocals at the beginning. M.C. is a nice guitar instrumental and it sounds like guest guitarist Magnus Cornelius put in a lot of emotion with the guitar playing on this instrumental. There’s no distortion and it’s not a death metal song at all. It is too bad that Magnus Cornelius is no longer with us today and this is probably his only recording in his lifetime.

The last two songs are from 1995. The Mattias sounds a bit different on Sadistic Mind, he doesn’t like sound like David Vincent too much on Sadistic Mind. The drums sound quite crisp on this song and Invincible Dream. These last two songs could have been released as a 2 song EP. Unfortunately, you can’t hear the bass too well in these songs. You can kind of hear it at times in Sadistic Mind. The recordings are not that thin like on the recordings that were meant to be released as an EP.

Want to listen to different sounding death metal coming out of Sweden? Check out this compilation. It contains all of the songs Eructation released. They had potential. It’s too bad that Demo #1 was the only thing they officially released in the nineties. I remember other songs were on their MySpace page. It’s fantastic those songs got a proper release in 2016.