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Best demo ever? - 90%

jugchord07, March 31st, 2010

Very little is known about Eructation. They were and old school death metal band from Sweden that formed in 1988 and only released one demo in 1992.

The demo consists of three riff filled tracks and within it's very short runtime suceeds in pounding you mercilessly. Even though the songs mainly focus on a straightfoward death metal format sometimes they go out of their comfort zone, a good example of this would be the melancholic outro on "Day of Confusion", also the robotic voice used towards the end of the same song, which seems a little out of place and is very brief. It would have been nice to hear more of this aspect of the band. Another thing that manages to make this demo standout is the amazing production values for a demo to be released at this time everything can be heard clearly.

One thing that seperates this album from you typical death metal release at the time is the bass. The bassist gets quite a fair chunk of time to show of his skills with his weapon of choice, in fact, on "Foul Feast" the bass is actually louder in the mix than the guitars are at some points. Eructation's business is riffs, and business is booming. The riffs on the album are indeed plentiful to say the least, and they remain catchy yet still pummel you the entire runtime of the demo. The drumming is pretty impressive as well, and with that trifecta of great musicianship it is nearly impossible not to headbang the duration of this incredible slab of Swedish death.

The vocalist has a mid ranged raspy bark it would be easy to compare him to Malevolent Creation's vocalist Brett Hoffman. The vocals are delivered energetically and complement the musicianship perfectly. The pacing on the album ranges from mid to very fast, everything on the demo is played surprisingly clean and the musicians playing complement one another perfectly. The only complaint that comes to mind is the length but that is to be expected with a demo to begin with.

So all in all whether you are a fan of listening to demos or not this is highly recommended, because due to the good production it is easy to forget this is a demo while listening, unfortunately without having the feel of a demo it still has the weaknesses of a demo and has the short runtime of 11:44. Eructation could've easily been one of the highly acclaimed Swedish death metal bands if they would have continued to release material.