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Erotikill > Virgin Speed > Reviews > bayern
Erotikill - Virgin Speed

Heavy, Squashing, Intimidating but Still Sensual - 82%

bayern, September 20th, 2022

Erotica… killing… virgins… speed… all attractive propositions, every single one of them… save for the killing I guess. An arousing albeit decidedly laughable cover as well… quite a bit has been cooked by our friends at the studio which on top of everything was located in Studio City, California.

And the bright California sunshine can instigate nothing else but potent retro speed/thrash the band moshing on full-throttle ("P.O.W.", "Enemy in Our Midst") for at least half the time, leaving imposing heavy steam-rollers like “Maniac” and "2.Slay Ground" to provide the more serious, also more threatening side of the show, said side quite close to the squashing approach of albums like Nasty Savage’s ”Indulgence” and Wargasm’s “Why Play Around”. Nasty Ronnie’s gang seems to be the main guiding light elsewhere as well, including in the vocal department, the man spitting the lyrics with venomous panache, decorating his intimidating performance with the odd more piercing scream. “Metal Cry” is a cry for more technical ways of expression, and indeed, with its more intriguing riff-patterns this piece can pass for the highlight, nearly touching the entangled grandeur of “Abstract Reality” (Nasty Savage time and again), “Betrayer” betraying nothing but following suit closely with another portion of seismic less ordinary pummelling.

Said pummelling is missing from the slightly meeker more power metal-based “Patriot”, but overall this entry is confidently on the hard-hitting side, the guys pleasing the still standing at the time old school metal crowds with a varied but convincing collection of both fist-pumping and headbanging hymns, the final outcome surely qualifying for the mentioned “Indulgence”’s lesser offspring. It lacks the abrupt creative touches and the occasionally bustling technicality of the nasty savages’ creation, the band not very interested in joining the growing at the time tech/prog-thrash fraternity, although there are moments when the call from the more ambitious side of the metal spectre is hard to remain unacknowledged, the delivery needing a little push to tumble into something more abstract and less realistic.

No, not for them; this team left these elaborate designs for the less civilized, opting to focus on the innocent and the virginal, naturally. A pity that the EP that followed shortly after contained old material, tracks from the album here that is... the need to both speed and kill was satiated with a bit over half an hour of heavy pounding metal… rowdy tunes that must have gathered the restless and wild damsels on the beaches of sunny California once upon a time.