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A good, solid release. - 85%

S_Stormhammer, May 12th, 2011

The first thing I noticed about Adou Katavasi is the opening riff in track one. It was powerful and ambient, setting the audience on edge. It is clear from the beginning of this that the artists appreciate the genre enough to appease its beauty unto the listener. Yet, at the same time it is thrashy and heavy, the perfect mix of hatred and avarice that makes any listener delve right in to the ever-changing riffs.

The second track in this demo starts off with a different sort of energy than its previous track, which is desirable in my opinion unless one is going for a conceptual type of album in the constant chase of defining mood with the discordant strings and cacophonous harmonies. Soft and fast. Soft and fast. In this design we find order in track two. Its abrupt end made me happy, showing me that the artists weren't afraid to cut the beauty off to the audience, showing that they are indeed in control of their artwork.

Track 3 is thrashy and hateful. Powerful and war-mongering. It had me head banging about 20 seconds into the track and kept it steady while the majority of the track was defined mostly by the drums as well as palm-muting of the guitars. Short and sweet, or in this case, anti-human.

Under the Wings of Thanatos is an interesting song in the simplicity of the guitar riffs mixing with the complexity of the rest of the instruments. The lead vocalist's bellows move along with the beats and drives the song forth with strength anger. It is a good outro to this demo album from Erevos, especially considering it gives the audience something to reminisce on after the album draws to a close. It is catchy, disgruntled, and at the same time, completely uncaring of what the viewer would perceive.

To wrap everything up, I would say Erevos, at least judging from this demo album, reminds me of how the black metal scene developed in Sweden, versus Norway. The style is similar to both Marduk as well as Thy Primordial, maybe mixed in with a little of their own way of doing things, and leaves the audience, at least those who can sit back and truly reflect on the music they're listening to, feeling satiated, like a good workout or smashing some asshole's face after they said a rude comment. I give this album 85 out of 100, in the hopes that they will elaborate on what they have going on here. I'd recommend anyone interested in the underground scene to check this band out!

Good music with some smaller flaws - 74%

oneyoudontknow, October 22nd, 2009

Well, it has been some time since I have written on a 'single' release... especially on one whose length is around sixteen minutes. Normally such are spread as a demo, sometimes even as an ep; this band from Greece thought different, though. (Yeah, it is a pretty lame introduction, but I could not think of something better)

Erevos play black metal with symphonic as well as thrash facets and the four compositions on Adou Katavasi are well crafted, catchy and interesting written. To make one aspect clear: the keyboards do not drown the rest of the instrument or vocals respectively, but appear in the back as some kind of texture or facet in order to give the music some additional volume. This role works fine with the concept of the Greek band and helps them to create a more fascinating atmosphere. In terms of the arrangements, then guitars and synths form some kind of unity and there are moments in which these would play the same motives parallel to each other; the keyboards do not always appear though or merely orient their play on the guitar lines, so the harmony is not a permanent facet of the music. Such minimalism can backfire as the compositions tend to be more bland and get more predictable through this. Yet, Erevos varied the concept enough to avoid this pitfall.

The music reminds on several bands: Ork, Riddle of Meander and a bit on Dawn from Sweden and also Dimmu Borgir. This is not 'pure' black metal, as influences from other genres have their place in the oeuvre of the Greeks; thrash for instance and also glimpses from the death metal are not far off. Especially the faster segments of the music make the music interesting, as they come with a lot of drive and neat arrangements; Those who decide about fate for instance. The songs are occasionally quite straight-forward and do not come with too much progressiveness.

Even though a lot can be praised on this single, sixteen minutes in length!, there are also some aspects that need to be criticized. First of all, is the song-writing not entirely convincing. Occasionally, the band drifts off into too much repetition, too plain segments or even too many vocals. Yes, the instruments have the room to unfold their potential, but I would like to have an ounce more, please. To get really nit-picky, the production is not perfect, even though it was well executed; the last track comes with vocals which are perceived a bit off the limit and not coherent with the overall sound. As this composition is the only one where this strange aspect can be found, I am inclined to say that it is an exception... a small (negligible) flaw.

Final bits and bytes
The quality of the demo is good and the powerful production played an important role to create this impression. Of course there is room left for improvement still, but it is possibly to really enjoy this piece of art. Some effort was spent on the creation of this piece of music and the listener will appreciate this with every further spin. The songs are interesting and offer the listener enough to motive this person to return to it again.

Even though I am able to appreciate the effort of Erevos, I am inclined to say that their art is not something I would be able to enjoy over a longer period of time. Sometimes I wish the band would give the instruments a bit more room and vary the tempo a bit more. Maybe I am not the target group for their art... maybe. Fans of occasionally faster played black metal, which comes with symphonic facets and thrash influences should give this release a try.

This releases comes with a professional printed booklet -- without lyrics -- and a normal CDr.