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PBDZ4: spiritually hazardous - 90%

vrag_moj, January 5th, 2010

From the opulent tape-release forge that is Winterreich Records comes this little gem, which alleviates the pain of waiting for all this to be finally done and released, pending a CD version. Erebus Enthroned offer 4 tracks and an ambient coda which display a pleasing progression from their demo last year. The sound is a bit muffled, this being a homebrew recording, but I hear the CD version will be re-mastered. For what it is and compared to the demo, it is a good recording – everything is clear including the (this time) live drums. The style remains traditional Black metal, remiscent of the new stuff that Funeral Mist have been doing, with a regal black sort of atmosphere to it that I quite enjoy. The tracks all come from the band’s live repertoire and are faithful re-productions of their power on stage. Favourite track is 4 – “Spirit Arson”.

Nekros Manteia kick in with a slightly rougher sound due to the snare and kick hits saturating the tape a bit. Straight off the first riff is some weird bizarre descending thing and the singer howls insanely over the top. This band is so strange and every one of their releases, nay compositions are so much unlike one another. It’s a shame that the album is yet to see the light of day. One thing that ties them all together is the guitar weirdness they are so fond off. Always reminds me of the music for Apocalypse Now. So it is here – once the band is done with their weird passages in the introduction, those thin meandering guitars fade in and add a layer of morose strangeness. This music creates a weird oppressive feeling, which at the same time makes me think of movement, rather than dwelling at a stand-still. It is a shame this band is on-hold last I checked, as I would like nothing more to hear them produce more of their music.

Originally published in Procession of Black Doom zine #4