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Magnificent masterpiece! - 100%

black_embrace, August 19th, 2008

Some pretend that there exist as many Metal Genres as Metal bands. Well, that might not be true, but fact is that there are always new sub-genres being invented by audacious musicians bringing fresh wind to the scene.

Ereb Altor, for their part, propose us Viking Doom Metal. These guys created a blend of later Bathory and Candlemass, and the result is incredibly epic and majestic. The heavy guitars riffs crawl throughout the album like a drakkar navigating with effort in northern seas. The clean, epic, vocals, fit perfectly to the music. The whole can clearly be compared to Nordland I & II from Bathory, but By Honour is by no means a simple copycat of those Viking Metal classics.

The Doom Metal is omnipresent in this release. The riffs are much slower, more viscous, than any other Viking Metal album I have heard so far, and that makes the music of Ereb Altor so unique. Thus, both fans of Viking and Doom Metal are likely to love this album. For my part, being into both genres, I can only warmly recommend you this band. To convince you, just have a look at the band’s MySpace page and listen to the song “Awakening”.