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I like it. - 78%

Noktorn, May 27th, 2008

Equinox is a Floridian band that everyone in the Florida metal scene has been 'meaning to check out' since their inception in 1992. They play good music, so I'm not sure why the band has been so relatively unnoticed for so long, but they've really been the Saxon of the Florida death metal scene for like sixteen years now.

But anyway, Equinox plays a fairly melodic style of oldschool black/death metal that stays surprisingly fresh despite not REALLY doing anything new. 'The Immortal Kind' packs a lot of semi-thrashy riffs alongside a somewhat Mystifier inspired occult atmosphere, with some of that band's style of dramatic, vaguely gothic keyboards adding to the sonic mix. The music is structurally similar to your traditional cast of early Floridian artists like Morbid Angel and Deicide, with a hint of Angelcorpse and Behemoth style blackened death scattered around. Most of the black metal influence comes in the form of mood rather than tremolo riffs and blast beats.

Equinox has a certain fondness for epic, midpaced delivery placed between blasting sections and occasionally cushioned with openly melodic, semi-shredding solos. The track that combines all these elements best is 'Cloaked In Shadow', where the band seems to truly assemble the dark, mystical atmosphere that they strive for through sweeping lead guitar lines and thunderously resonant, clear production. Not that Equinox fails elsewhere on the disc, but really this is the standout piece that does everything the band attempts. The rest of the album is more or less strong, generally best when slowed down and epic'd up; the blasting sections have their charm in a Morbid Angel circa 'Blessed Are The Sick' way, but just don't live up to when the band really drops the hammer in the vein of newer Behemoth.

Overall, 'The Immortal Kind' is a strong, worthwhile Floridian death/black album. With a good grasp of atmosphere and songwriting, it's a wonder that Equinox still remain fairly undiscovered on a larger scale. I'd say this is a very solid album to pick up; it has enough riffs for the death metal crowd, enough atmosphere for the black metallers, and enough balls for all the oldschool thrashers. You can't really miss with 'The Immortal Kind'.