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Darkness Prevails - 81%

Erin_Fox, October 29th, 2006

Spitting blackness deserving of the group’s moniker, Epoch Of Unlight undertake an evil trip through astral planes with ‘The Continuum Hypothesis.

Severe blasts of hatred bringing forth invocations of unthinkable proportions. Gravel barks issue dark utterances over chugging, technical, thrashing black death. ‘Highgate’ walks the path of Samael, featuring a wicked riff and chaotic blast drumming.

Epoch imparts a feeling of old style thrashing death while utilizing tightly compressed rhythms and British axe tones to fashion a sound that will remain credible with underground devotees, but contains songwriting of a quality that will be welcomed by any metal fan with a taste for extreme vocals. Start-stop song parts feed the band’s complex arrangements as well.

There is a degree of technicality that is not always focused on speed, however moving through scales and key changes in extremely complicated patterns.

This album is an abrasive crush of blackness throughout each of its eleven tracks. Step into the Unlight...