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Czech Guttural Slam Indeed! - 90%

cphltrpsy, November 20th, 2022

This is absolutely one of the best albums by one of the best slam bands ever! Epicardiectomy (especially this era of their music) frequently faces criticism as "stupid" and "wigger-ish" but I completely disagree. I think that while this release didn't "save" slam (as many would have you believe) this is easily one of the best third wave slam albums and definitely deserves a listen.

Let's start with the vocals. They aren't your typical slam gurgles, in fact I would bet money they aren't anywhere NEAR the epiglottal gutturals found almost ubiquitously in the genre. They sound like pretty standard inhale gutturals and have a particularly "lush" sound to them that I enjoy to no end. Epicardiectomy's first vocalist gets a lot of hate for the way he dresses and for his "boring" vocals but I personally love both aspects and find them very different and refreshing compared to what I tend to hear and see in death metal.

Next, the guitars. The guitarist writes a very fun, catchy selection of incredibly tasty Cephalotripsy-esque riffs (mostly centered in the lower half-octave of the lowest two strings on his guitar but hey, it's slam). The guitar's tone is monstrous and thick, with a very nice crunchy distortion to it. Overall, the guitars are outstanding.

Finally, the part everyone seems to love: the drums. The drumming on this album is great, but I honestly don't see why everyone thinks of them as so amazing. Obviously, they're above average for slam-death, especially with the almost comical amount of cymbals on the drummers kit, but I don't see them as the god-level perfection most people seem to see them as. I definitely think they work as well as they could within the context of the album but other than some interesting cymbal and snare grooves that show up occasionally, they're pretty a pretty standard double-kick-snare-on-third slam pattern. Not that there's anything wrong with that, for the record. I love slam, that's why I listen to Epicardiectomy, but I just don't understand the absolutely massive hype around the drums on this album. Great drums for sure, but Milan is no god.

The mix is pretty much perfect for slam. The only gripes I have is that the vocals can be a little quiet, especially if I'm listening in my car, and that there's no real bass, but overall neither of those are deal-breakers for me. Theres a healthy mixing of 808 drops in this album, and I like those a lot.

The song-writing is great, but repetitive. Sometimes when listening through this album, I have a hard time distinguishing when one track ends and the next begins, but every track is genuinely enjoyable and I find myself head-banging along to every single one.

Overall, fantastic (if unrefined) debut from a fantastic band. This album only loses points because it can sound a bit same-y and for the previously stated mixing issues.

Standout tracks: Ulcerous Cadaveric Decrepitation, Vaginal Colony Full of Vermin