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Eos Erethis - Eos Erethis - 90%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 10th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Krasta Records (Limited edition)

A while ago I reviewed „Bloodline“, the second and most recent full length by Swiss black metal battalion Forsaken Legion. I have been impressed by their songwriting skills and their understanding of combining heaviness with a sense for haunting and memorable harmonies. With delight I saw that the band included the first EP of what seems to be some kind of side project called “Eos Erethis”. So as this one is a short but sweet piece of music I will honor it with a quick and compact review.

Anyone who might have listened to “Bloodline” (and I can only recommend doing so to each fan of black metal) will surely discover similarities. Instead of trying to find a completely new sound they took inspiration from the big Scandinavian bands of the nineties and injected some of their own ideas to make the music come across fresh and energetic.

The main riffs might sound familiar but some of the chord progressions feel like a modern twist on something that has been written three decades ago. A lot of the trademark chops are repeated over and over again but often with subtle variation lending the music a slightly monotonous but also hypnotical and very stringent character. The music has an epic undertone often without sacrificing any of the aggression needed for that kind of stuff.

The astonishing lead harmonies are always present in the background providing a lot of haunting harmonies and lending the whole music a moody character. The guys from Eos Erethis have put a lot of emphasis on creating an atmosphere that is eerie and dark yet has a certain kind of melancholic beauty.

The mix is organic and clear and maybe just a bit rawer than “Bloodline”. Maybe the drums could have used just a tiny bit extra punch for my personal taste but most black metal purists will be happy about the organic and lively overall sound. Everything considered this is a great EP and another highlight 2019 in the black metal department.