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Not bad at all.. - 80%

WolfStar, May 17th, 2005

For roughly 24 minutes of instrumental black metal this is really quite good. The first track, Terre Perdue, is quite fast and dare I say, catchy. A highlight of this release would be the drums. While obviously done with a drum machine they still sound good and best of all, they arn't repetitive as hell (like a lot of black metal, not that its bad though..). The variety of drumming here isn't in the annoying-as-fuck death metal style drumming with tempo changes every 13 and a half seconds, yet its not too much of the same drumming. Profuction wise this release isn't as raw as most, in fact its considerably clear and well produced, save for the bass that can't be heard on its own. Compared to their split with Sombre Chemin this demo is better sounding, the split had a rather "average" black metal sound to it..

Not an outstanding release, but worth having if you desire a change from the mediocrity of much of today's average black metal.