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Not bad tracks of BM dark melodic guitar ambient - 68%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, February 5th, 2015

So far this Belgian duo has released just short demos, split recordings (both with Sombre Chemin) and one self-titled EP - surely after ten-plus years, we're due for an album? While we wait for an answer, we'll content ourselves with the most recent release, the EP. This consists of just two tracks "Cimes Et Abîmés" and "Les Larmes Du Mort", each clocking at over 10 minutes in length.

"Cimes Et Abîmés" ("Peaks and Abysses") is quite a good track powered by synthetic drumming that mixes up its beats just as the guitars mix their riffing sequences and melodies, making for a track of mostly minimalist music that weaves through the various changes in beat and rhythm. The pace is fast throughout so the momentum is rarely lost. The gruff vocals are deep and set well back in the mix, and have a slightly detached air. After the fourth minute, bluesy riffs dominate the music and the mood becomes sorrowful with the voices becoming emotional and turning into anguished howls and wails in the background. Much of the track is instrumental with a lot of energy and urgency. Field recordings of rain and thunder buttress the track at both its beginning and end.

"Les Larmes Du Mort" ("Tears of Death") is a much more mournful all-instrumental piece, starting with a solo guitar melody that constitutes nearly all the action (save for competing secondary guitar or bass at various points) for the entire length of the track. The mood is grey and solemn, and listeners might feel a definite chill around them as they listen to this doleful piece. The guitar-playing becomes more confident and faster with harder, darker tones, and a feeling of urgency, even mild anger, may be detected. While some of the strumming can be hypnotic and emotionally moving, the track is also very repetitive: with this kind of emotional solo guitar work, listeners might expect the pace to vary according to the emotion that the guitarist (presumably) feels while he's playing but this doesn't happen at all. There are no pauses, no moments where the player might feel overwhelmed that he can only proceed slowly and carefully in case the tension becomes too much.

Well these are not bad tracks though they both could have been edited for length - certainly the second one could be tightened up more with a lot of the repetition cut out. The first track is definitely better and probably more representative of what the band can do. Perhaps in the second piece the members were experimenting with emotion and seeing how much ambience and emotion they could create with just one guitar carrying most of the music. In that respect the guys succeed but then they are faced with actually having to do something with all that emotion and atmosphere - it's just not enough to magick that all into existence, the emotion has to go somewhere!

The guys are capable of writing some good music but whether they can put it all into definite songs or long instrumental tracks based around a definite idea or concept is another thing. I would like to see a full-length from these guys one day just to see if they can do more than short demos or EPs of songs with some good but mostly under-developed ideas.