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Majestic sounding album - 65%

MorbidAtheist666, June 2nd, 2004

This album is OK. It's got some substance on it. It features some great guitar work. The only thing is that the keyboards get really boring after a while. There are many flaws on this album.

One of the biggest flaws on this album are the vocals. The vocals are really awful on this album. The vocalist sounds really out key on this album. I also don't like the way the vocalist's vocals sound.

The keyboards are really monotonous. I hear the same keyboard sound on many tracks on this album. What's up with that? The keyboardist should of done much better. He's capable of doing good things.

The guitar on this album sounds pretty awful at times. The riffs sound really bland on the album. The guitar sounds extremely awful when single notes are played on it.

There's nothing really special on this album. I'm surprised that Entwined got signed onto Earache records. Where are they now? Too bad this is the only album Entwined released. They could of evolved into something really great. Maybe the vocalist would sound better on future releases. I don't know, judging from the way he sounds on here, I don't think he can sound any better.