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Znarglaxe, November 15th, 2003

This style that so few bands are attempting to perpetuate yet all that do get noticed is intriguing, to me at least. The more or less heavy metal music with a darker note played to slow to mid paced with clean vocals that are not balls in a vice or even operatic is something that is becoming more and more "popular" with the Finnish bands for some reason.

This band (like Sentenced and Charon), is taking that road. Now unlike the other two aforementioned bands, this band on this album has taken a slightly different, and less credible approach. WIth the exception of the way the guitars are played (darker, less melodic but with more tone changes to capture some sort of odd effect) this band has dumbed down the sound. The drums are basic if anything and the bass is laughable. Hell, the vocals have even been raised and the vocalist attempts this half assed vibrato which leaves the listener laughing to the music. Granted there is still some merit to this album, which does have some good points, it is mostly reminiscent of whiny nu metal/whinecore like Staind and even new Opeth (without the gay jazzy shit and the singing through the ass while the microphone is in your rectum), although much more unbearable.

You have to be a big fanboy of that Finnish NuDoom to like this album.