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A new dawn for Entwine - 95%

Paganbasque, November 16th, 2012

Taking a look to some reviews of this album I have always been puzzled by the poor ratings that this work has received (there are quite good ones too). It’s true that this sophomore CD marks a clear department from the sound of their debut, which was interesting but even though it wasn’t flawless. Perhaps the similarities with HIM’s first efforts irritated some old fans, who clearly miss the heavier touch of “The Treasures Within”, but it’s undeniable that this second effort is a perfectly composed and executed gothic metal record, with a delicious melancholy that surrounds each composition. “Gone” is an excellent portrait of what Finnish gothic metal is, with this fluctuant mixture of heavy riffs, mid tempo pace, simple but excellent keys and these recognizable sad and querulous vocals. Moreover, this immense sense of despair that the music transmits is culminated by the lyrics, which are clearly oriented to mournful histories. Everything combined achieves a great result and consequently this album contains many songs that could be potential singles.

The album itself begins with “Losing the Ground”, an excellent disc opener. After a few seconds you realize that Mika’s vocals will take an important role in this work whose style is clearly different in comparison to the ones recorded on the debut album. Though the mentioned song is quite good it is rapidly overshadowed by other top compositions like “Snow White Suicide”, which are heavier compositions with simple but remarkable choruses. The album flows naturally from the most straightforward compositions to really sad ballad / mid tempo songs which are equally painful and marvelous. What you feel with some songs of "Gone" is a indescribable sense of despair. Simply switch off the lights and listen to songs as "Closer" and you will understand what I am trying to explain. As I have mentioned before Mika’s vocals are another good reason to listen to this masterpiece. They sound truly sad and emotive. In my opinion his work is highly versatile and adds a new range of variety to the bands compositions.

Dynamism is another characteristic of this work that shall be mentioned and praised. We can find some exquisite peaceful and atmospheric beginnings which are suddenly broken by the guitars and closely followed by intense main sections which are always quite catchy. These tempo changes are another interesting example of how this album perfectly fluctuates from the most delicate parts to the strongest and most addictive ones. It's simply awesome. I would like to eulogize too those beautifully introduced arrangements which never take too much importance but they always improve the compositions in an excellent way. Those short violin parts or the angelic voices emphasize the overwhelming quality of the compositions which are themselves awesome but with these additions reach a higher lever of quality and inspiration.

In conclusion, I consider “Gone” as one of the finest gothic metal I have ever heard. A perfectly accomplished CD with all you expect from a flawless work where everything is combined with magnificent taste. Undoubtedly, Entwine's sophomore album is a must have for every fan of melancholic music.