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Very interesting look at the evolution of the band - 90%

glaurung88, October 2nd, 2013

Hailing from Australia, Entsetzlich is an interesting and somewhat esoteric band, and the project's offerings seem to have been misunderstood by a number of people. This is not that surprising, as it is not a typical black metal band in any sense of the word; the project's mastermind, Azathoth, is heavily influenced by noise and ambient music, and his vocal style is also not the typical sound that most black metal vocalists strive for (in fact it is pretty far from it).

This release is very interesting as it gives us a look at the band in its earliest stages, when Azathoth was still creating the trademark Entsetzlich sound. When listening, you will go through two "stages" of sorts. The first, "Consumed By The Chill Of Solitude" is mostly ambient noise music. It has a very dark and chilling feel to it, and sort of prepares the listener for the next track, that being the original version of "Curse The Abyss." This track is slow, trance-inducing ambient black metal and really is more memorable than "Consumed By The Chill...". I would recommend listening to this in the evening, in complete solitude.

Interestingly, unlike most demo compilations which diverge in theme, this one sticks to one particular musical theme throughout, which I really like. Azathoth did an awesome job in choosing tracks for this.

If you're a fan of the band or of ambient black metal and noise music, I would recommend picking up a copy of this while it's still available. You won't regret it.