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At Least They're A Good Post-Rock Band - 61%

Thumbman, June 24th, 2013

Entropia are a pretty awesome post-rock band. A great metal band they are not. This isn't a bad debut EP, but it sure as hell is a lopsided one. Although these guys do play post-rock mixed with sludge, they don't fall close to the Neurisis crowd. They sound more like Trenches' debut with huge helpings of post-rock heaped over the top. The post-rock is beautiful, perhaps a tad proggy, at times majestic and executed with precision. The sludge parts are competent, but hardly memorable. Neither the riffs or the songwriting is enough to bring these sections to life. While this was very enjoyable in parts, the full package isn't a great one.

Might as well start with the positive. The post-rock and varied atmospherics are wonderful. Really gorgeous stuff, conjuring up images of summer and nature and other various sappy things - however, the music isn't sappy itself. It's uplifting and emanates freedom. Although much of this is achieved with the traditional rock/metal instruments, additional instrumentation - most prominently piano, occasionally enhances the sound. The tones are lush and organic, with the flow being seamless. An EP in just this vein of material would be infinitely preferable to what we are actually given here.

The metal parts just seem so unnecessary. Not that they're horrible or anything, but ultimately they end up feeling a bit disposable. It's to an extent more aggressive and less sleepy than your average atmospheric sludge fare and I would describe the style of riffing as more sharp, but that might be a poor choice of words because I don't want to give off the impression that they're actually powerful or capable of kicking ass. They're just there, existing while not really having a reason to do so. I've listened to this EP enough to get to know it well, yet I can never remember a single riff after it comes to a close. Whenever the metal sections become interesting in any way, it's always because an undercurrent of post-rock is implemented. Without the meat of these parts being strong, the addition of supporting non-metal instruments in the background is nothing more than window dressing, really.

The vocals are really forgettable. There are two styles present - one harsh, one clean. The harsh ones wander the middle ground between a post-metal bark and a black metal hiss. They are fine, although nothing more than that. The clean ones cannot be described as fine. Shit, I mean they really do sound as if they were actively trying to create the most inane sound as humanely possible. And they really weren't that far from succeeding. They sound like something you would hear from the absolute lamest progressive metal band. They sound geeky, plain and ultimately come off as nothing more than a slight nuisance.

So here you have it - some great post-rock and some forgettable metal. At least the closing track isn't marred by any lackluster sludge. Another thing that could have made this better is if the track length for "Limits" was significantly cut down - there is just no logical reason that this song warrants a 13 minute run time. Whatever, not like that alone would have saved this. When it comes to luscious rolling post-rock, this band has your shit covered. When it comes to metal, nope, they really don't.