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The return of death metal!!!! - 84%

true_death, October 28th, 2013

At first glance, many people will think that Entrails is a "caveman" death metal band. The album cover is gory and old school as fuck, and a glimpse at the lyrics will showcase, quite literally some of the stupidest and most ridiculous shit you are gonna see all year in this genre (the chorus of the song "Entrails" is "Entrails - a tasty entrail - flesh and blood - dinner for two"), but this image really does not warrant the music within. While yes, the album is loaded with psychotic riffs and guttural death growls, it is also filled with melody and passion that many people will overlook.

"Triumph of the Sinners" is a 7-minute opus that contains some very unique and interesting guitar interplay, whereas "Voices" combines the band's gritty, dirty aesthetic with an Iron Maiden-influenced lead riff which creates something you would hear in a song by At the Gates, Dismember, or many of the modern American "metalcore" bands. However, even when doing these more melodic moments, the music is still very bottom heavy and equally as powerful as the brutal moments. A good comparison would be Dismember on the album "The God that Never Was". The Dismember influence is very notable on this album, with lots of melodic leads and such being apparent in the music, but in my opinion Entrails are a very unique band with their own sound and take on this style (they formed in 1990 anyway). This is not an album that will be revolutionary or change anyone's mind about the legitimacy of the death metal scene in 2013 (but if you are one of those douchebags who criticizes old school bands for being "unoriginal" and also criticizes modern bands for being trendy, then you are a hopeless poser and your opinion is meaningless), but people who are true fans of this style will enjoy listening to it.