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"I Am Jesus Christ" - 90%

demonomania, February 26th, 2007

"No you're not, you're dead!"

Ha ha ha, what an excellent intro to one of my favorite metal songs of all time, "Out of Hand." This whole album is filled with a fun, violent, off-the-cuff but still intentionally brutal tracks that most metalheads should love.

I was one of those people who stuck to early Entombed, as I loved their Swedeath but was very suspicious of the songs I heard from later efforts. Post-"Clandestine" they appeared to have taken a nasty turn, perhaps down a right-hand path, into commercialized and uninspired rock and roll. I just wasn't hearing much of the aggression and individuality that made my head bang to "Supposed to Rot" or "Black Breath."

But on a whim I got this disc just to see at what point they started to suck, and it certainly wasn't here. Almost every track just puts the pedal to the METAL and delivers a solid kick in the face. Someone who doesn't listen to much heavy shit might think this is just regular old death metal, but the drums give it away. The blasting and double bass beatings show up infrequently if at all, replaced by a rock and roll beat.

But have no fear, this is still very meanspirited. "Wolverine Blues" reminds me of an evil AC/DC - a fun undertone behind the asskickery. The guitars still have that Sunlight sound, Petrov is his usual all-over-the-place bellowing self, and the band as a whole are still great songwriters. Almost every track on here is a highlight, the only one I skip is an obnoxious cover track at the end.

This is my first experience with death n roll, and I must say it's a good one. I'll check out "To Ride...," but that may be inching too close to Entombed's shitty years. We shall see. For all death metal fans out there who can appreciate some good old, non-complex ROCK in their music, BUY THIS.