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A Compelling Achievement - 93%

Erin_Fox, October 29th, 2006

Sweet majesty! It would have been inconceivable to ponder that Entombed would ever allow their genre defining brand of metal to ever be included in a ballet, but here it finally is, and the result is an awe inspiring collection of music that redefines the bands trademark material in an entirely different approach. It seems that the rethinking of the music contained on this release has done nothing but exaggerate the emotional intensity of the band’s music, bringing a fresh dynamic to classic tracks like the deeply moving ‘Chief Rebel Angel’ and the eerily epic ‘Night Of The Vampire’.

L.G. Petrov’s vocals here could be the most resounding performance wise since the band’s treasured debut ‘Left Hand Path’. ‘It Is Later Than You Think’ provides a wicked ambience that perfectly captures the nature of Entombed, from Petrov’s stormy vox to the trademark guitar tone than spawned a mountain of followers. ‘Mental Twin’ drives with a bottom heavy intensity, while taking on a much wider, sprawling sound than the recorded version. The title track is a blasting frenzy that is relentless minute of sonic mayhem, leading into the pipe organ introduction of ‘In The Flesh’. This track kicks into some gargantuan doom riffing that leads into the gruff vocals L.G. is famous for.

The fantastic thing about ‘Unreal Estate’ is that there are literally no overdubs here whatsoever, giving the listener the impression of being live in Stockholm, Sweden’s Royal Opera Hall firsthand. But this record surely needs no overdubs, as Entombed are completely dead on point at all times, hitting their musical target like a blast from a double barreled 10 gage shotgun. All of the songs were retouched or arranged differently in order to accommodate the dancers and these arrangements have merely strengthened what were some already immensely powerful tracks to begin with.

With the sounds of ‘Left Hand Path’ bringing the album to a close, one is left with the impression that they have been part of a tremendous musical event, the likes of which have never been undertaken by any ensemble so extreme. ‘Unreal Estate’ is a riveting, illustrious performance from the kings of Swedish death that will be a highly entertaining affair over repeated listens. Hail Entombed for opening yet another door in extreme music and expanding the boundaries of metal to even wider horizons.