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The Riff 32 Seconds In... - 60%

OzzyApu, May 21st, 2009

…on “Stranger Aeons”…

…It mutilates, grinds, churns, fabricates, shits on, eats, and regurgitates every metalcore band in existence. No form of ‘core can withstand the might of that riff and its brother-riff at 1:44.

To carry on, the song itself it the exact same as the album version. Same crisp production, chuggy guitars, powerful base, eclectic solo, and porky drumming. The next track, “Dusk,” doesn’t have the same recording quality, with more metallic sounding drums, thinner guitars, and fuzzier bass. Even the early demos had better production that this song. Overall it isn’t a very memorable song, but more like aggression taken out – as mindlessly violent as it is, it still goes nowhere.

“Shreds Of Life” is a song that has lived ever since the later Nihilist days, so it isn’t anything new. This version carries on the same qualities as “Dusk,” which is a sad departure from the But Life Goes On… demo version where the song packed a real punch with heavier bass, a little muddier production, and an overall thicker riff.

So yeah, this EP is ok, but nothing essential. “Stranger Aeons” can be found on the Clandestine album, which is pretty much all you need. Let the title-riff become a tidal wave and carry this EP to the dumpster!!!!