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Most rock Entombed, no death metal here! - 48%

Lane, February 23rd, 2012

With 'Same Difference', the Swedish death metal legends Entombed managed to surprise an old fan once again. Drummer Nicke Andersson left the band in 1997 to form a rock group The Hellacopters. I always thought he had pushed Entombed towards more rocking output after 1991's 'Clandestine', and previous album 'To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth' (1997) being the clearest death 'n' roll effort from the band, but... Mr. Andersson was out, but 'Same Difference' was something else than death metal. The change of the band name would have been in order, believe me.

'Addiction King' sounds like English punk, played dejectedly as one would expect from Entombed. The storm warning had been given... 'The Supreme Good' is a relaxed piece reminding me of Helmet, especially their 'Betty' era (1994). A linefrom the lyrics: "I'm the tickle of butterflies that temptation brings". "Butterflies" plus Entombed?! Yep, here it is. 'Clauses' continues in North American vein with its slide guitars and shit. 'Kick in the Head' sounds, without any surprise anymore, American alternative rock. Guitarist Uffe Cederlund is wearing a Amphetamine Reptile Records t-shirt on one of the photos, so maybe the influence is somewhere there. Anyways, the title track is pretty stoner rock-ish affair. The rest of the album continues in the similar style as these mentioned songs.

L-G Petrov's voice fits fucking well with this kind of stuff, too, but he does not sound the usual ugly L-G, mind you. No growling to be hear, but a bit more human voice. Otherwise, the album sounds rawish, which fits well here, and still the instruments are very well balanced.

I have to admit, that Entombed knew how to pen this kind of pieces, too, and who knows, maybe I'd praised this album like hell if it wasn't by Entombed. I might have been a happy bastard if this was a Helmet recording after 'Betty' back then... But, this just isn't true Entombed! Besides, the songs aren't anything too good or special. 'Addiction King', 'The Supreme Good' and the title track are the sole songs I really like to listen from this platter.

(originally writen for in 2008)