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Entombed Got Me By The Balls - 78%

OzzyApu, May 21st, 2009

All right you got me, Entombed… “Out Of Hand” has a damn catchy groove. It has energy, excitement, and sounds exempt from EPA standards, which is badass. The vocals still are rawfully dull – I can’t expect any mainstream rock fan to enjoy this music, but then again I’m giving these chart worshiping dumbasses a brain to work with, so shame on me. The track carries more influences from thrash than I hear with death metal, aside from the general sound of it: muddy guitars, a relentless rhythm / drum capitulation, and the outro beginning at around two minutes reminds me of how well they made heads roll… but it’s ruined when Lars yells “FFUUUUCCKK!” right at the last second – what a dumbass.

The Kiss cover, “God Of Thunder,” is even more addictive and a damn memorable song. The vocals are only good during the sing-a-long chorus and fit very well with the song – definitely a good choice for concerts. The song is slow but very intense, fun, and puts most of the Wolverine Blues album in its place.

“Black Breath” counters the Kiss cover by being more aggressive and fast, but much less memorable and sloppy. The bass gives itself some edge, but otherwise the song is all over the place and with all the lives lost because of the shitty playing, Lars still has the nerve to end it with another F-Bomb. My best guess is that Repulsion did a better job with their own song than Entombed attempt to do with all the money they were given.

The production is just as good with these songs as they are on the full-length, but the two covers don’t appear on it. What bothers me the most is that both the cover songs were already featured on the Contempt and Full Of Hell singles back in 1993, so why release them again? From listening to the “Wolverine Blues” song on the promo to hearing this, I’d say may be promising. Makes me wonder why they promoted such a shitty song in the first place… oh yeah, money – I somehow forgot that it makes people crazy.