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One of the Greatest Death Metal albums of all Time - 100%

cultofkraken, August 6th, 2006

To start, I'd like to give a disclaimer that I am completely and hopelessy biased towards the old school Swedish Death Metal sound. That being said the first album that ever truly made me a devotee of both the death metal genre and the Swedish sound was Left Hand Path. Quite honestly one of the finest if not *the* finest Death metal albums in the history of the genre.

The first thing that made my heart pound in my chest (most elatedly) when I first heard this masterwork was the guitar tone, that rabid chainsaw sound just so beautifully clear and dirty. LG Petrov's pained and animalistic vocal style on this album is perfectly complimentary to the hellish cacophony of riffing. The drums, what can one say? Nicke had some of the catchiest drumming in death metal, everything he did fit so well and created some of the most neckbreaking music imaginable.

Left Hand Path in and of itself (the song) is an encapsulation of the whole album. The sinister keyboard strains, massive wall of guitars and pained vocals contained therein perfectly mesh every aspect of this album into one track. But unlike the last reviewer it seems I have listened to *every* track on this album and I can comfortably tell you every-single-one is worthy of praise. Bitter Loss, But Life Goes On, Revel in Flesh, Supposed To Rot.. these tracks are the corner stone of the classic Swedish Death Metal sound, and are not only catchy but extremely dark and sinister in both concept and music.

To conclude, if you are looking for one classic swedish death metal album to own... this should be your choice.