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The NWOSDM Started Right HERE! - 95%

corviderrant, April 6th, 2004

The guitar sound on this album still ranks as one of the most eeeeevil tones ever put to tape! And it was done with a cheapo Peavey amplifier and a Boss Heavy Metal distortion box, recorded for the equivalent of $8,000 US dollars (!) they've said--proof positive that high-end gear is not always necessary to make classic sounds. And Entombed made one hell of a mighty ruckus on this classic debut with those unearthly guitars and an airtight rhythm section that sincerely raised Old Scratch himself.

With a vicious blending of mid-paced to thrashy death metal and UK '82 punk, this was unique and still is to this day. The riffs are catchy and well-structured, making for memorable somgs--amazing considering how young they were when they recorded this album--and they go right to the heart of the matter on every song. The crushing riff salvo in the title track's first five seconds alone after the harrowing intro noises is the aural version of a concrete boot to the head! From there, after that tune, they mix up metal riffs with punk tempos and vice versa, with the odd thrash and blast beats thrown in for good measure, and the resulting stew is a thick, murky, and altogether nutritious mmm-mmm good one! The keyboard section that leads to the rideout of that title track alone is so majestic and fits so perfectly, I want it played at my funeral! Evil occult/horror lyrics only add to the atmosphere of impending doom on every song. L.G. Petrov's ugly vocals will scare your parents into premature white hair, too, it bears mentioning.

What the hell are you waiting for? Quit reading this review and get this damn CD and see what made all the other Swedish bands decide they just had to sound like! Literally, this is true--every Swedish band (at least the Stockholm bands) worked with the Swedish Scott Burns, Tomas Skogsberg--why do you think most of 'em from that era sound alike?