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This one made me love Death Metal... - 94%

Wacke, January 24th, 2008

I was reading a swedish rock magazine simply called "Sweden Rock Magazine" (it's written by the same people that arrange "Sweden Rock Festival") & I got a description of how Death Metal guitars sounds like. I liked the description & on the next day I went down to the record store to buy this as my first album of this genre. When I went home I plugged it into the DVD player (my computer wasn't working at the time & I don't have a real stereo) & when I heard the legendary opening track I just went through a lot of thoughts. I heard this scream & I was totally freezed, didn't move a muscle & then all hell broke loose. I'll never forget that feeling I had when hearing "Left Hand Path" for the first time ever, I stod up playing air guitar while banging my head totally mad.

I would say that every track on this album is great, "no fillers, only killers" as you say although the title track has become my all time Entombed favorite. After being totally exhausted I went to the couch to relax while "Drowned" went off. I still thought it was one hell of a track even though it wasn't as good as the first track but at least it gave me hope that these kind of bands don't just have 1 good song & later I found out they had a whole big bunch of great songs. Next is 2 more average tracks which still is awesome but not as amazing as the first 2 but on the 5th track "Supposed To Rot" it's all back with one of the coolest riffs I've ever heard. The rest from now on is also pretty much awesome average songs but I founs something special in "Morbid Devourment" that I liked.

Before hearing this album I had also read about how this minor guys got their contract so I was expecting a production that would be so bad that you barely would hear anything at all but man I was wrong. I was really surprised when I heard how good the production actually was, not the best but you hear anything & it's a true raw-as-hell Metal production. It sounds very much like Carnage's "Dark Recollections", pretty much exactly the same production. L-G Petrov's growl is awesome & I like the drum sounds very much. The guitar solos sounds pretty much influenced by Metallica's Kirk Hammeth & are better than I expected too.

A 3rd surprise I didn't expected was that the cast would be too good musicians but I was surprised by that too. These guys can really play & Nicke Andersson is a big influence for me as a drummer myself. They all do a great job & if you play an instrument then you'll hear something that you'll be playing afterwards. Riffs, solos, drumming whatever, I promise you, there's on thing that all musicians love with this album.

The best song (Entombed ever made) is defenitely "Left Hand Path", a true Death Metal classic with the same feeling as Dismember's "Dreaming In Red". All the tracks are great though, especially "Drowned", "Supposed To Rot" & "Morbid Devourment".

Finally, this is an excellent piece of Metal history that every headbanger should own. It has it all, literally. The only thing I can come up with that would have been cool was if these guys made a cover of Dark Angel's "Death Is Certain (Life Is Not)". I think that one would have been great if they performed it with a even more satanic approach.

Get "Left Hand Path", you won't be dissapointed!