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Left Hand Path - 95%

Invaginator, November 6th, 2006

Quite one of the most cult releases ever! This release made Entombed one of the most famous bands in Europe, although they released after 'LHP' only mediocre records, but this one made them a symbol for crushing Death Metal, with ultra low guitars and simple, but battering drum work. From all the bands from Sweden, and all the releases (which so many suck), Entombed's 'LHP' is one of the few that really made a significant mark on the metal map, and set standards for future releases and bands. This Swedish Old School Death Metal sound will be incorporated in a variety of other bands from Sweden, but none of them making such a great effort, which is Entombed's answer to the US metal - we will fuck you up with our bare hands, bitches!

The title song, and its intro, which was then wuite frightening, show what Entombed was all about in 1990 - ultra low guitars, that had power behind every played chord, but also with amazing melodies and solos, drums that can only inspire to a greater drum work, and fucking old school vocals by L.G. Petrov, fucking harsh and non-gay. This all together with the deep bass sound creates a certain sinister ambient; the sound is simply massive and full, no holes and no gaps to be filled, it's just one of the best done releases then. Nowadays bands like Incantation and Funerus still play this kind of music, only in the US way. Funerus was more than just influenced by Entombed's sound, they also made their guitars sound like Entombed's, to become a full sound.

If you just listen to the lead chords and the solo in "Revel in Flesh", you will go off. "Supposed to Rot" - groove pure. "Morbid Devourment" - that's what inspired Dismember to them up-tempo rhythms. Obviously Dismember took some good and groovey parts of Entombed and made like 10 releases out of it, wasting the ideas totally. Fuck Dismember; Entombed kicks ass with any release, compared to them Swedish plagiators. "The Truth Beyond" - early Hypocrisy, the best Hypocrisy actually. So you see, without this release, most bands in Sweden would have just played Blekk Metal or have been ABBA tribute bands, like The Project Hate (well, this band couldn't even be a good ABBA cover band, they just sukk!). Simple as that, Entombed's 'Left hand Path' is one of the corner stones of not only todays European Death Metal, but also in the fucking world.