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A Milestone of Brutality - 96%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, November 3rd, 2007

Entombed’s first album is still regarded as milestone in the Swedish death metal scene along with Carnage one that came out in the same year. Already from their early incarnation, Nihilist, those guys showed a non common sense of brutality and groove. Lots of other bands took inspiration from this album during the years and listening to it you can understand why this is so original.

The intro to the title track has made history along with the use of some obscure synths and the rotten mid tempo, followed by a long, gloomy solo. “Drowned” is fucking heavy with the guitars so low tuned and at the same time, very groovy. The vocals are something incredible for the period in Sweden; they are directly from hell in their inhuman growls. The drums are quite essential but extremely catchy and thrash inspired in their continue up tempo.

“Revel In Flesh” is my favourite one in this album…incredible in the up tempo, stop and go and fast blast beats. The guitars are so crunchy in their down tuned style and the vocals even more obscure. The musicians are always very good at creating rotten melodies, violent and catchy at the same time; every song has its well cast riff that helps you recognize it among the other ones.

“Supposed To Rot” is unbelievable in speed, brutality and songwriting. The few solos are always weird, obscure and the one on the great “But Life Goes One” is a good example. The main riff on “Bitter Loss” stenches of early grindcore (It has been said that Repulsion were one the greatest influences for these guys and surely you can hear that anywhere in this album). The mid tempos at the beginning of “Morbid Devourment” are awesome but the up tempo after, is even better with the chainsaw guitars in the first place.

The riff at the beginning of “Abnormally Deceased” is awesome and tthe fast parts are really blowing. Several times, the most violent part in a song is introduced by the only guitars sound and then when the drums enter the sound, hell’s unleashed.

I cannot say that I recommend this to any Swedish death metal fan out there because you should know it very well for his importance and beauty. A piece of history for everybody. Neverending violence for my ears!!