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A Relic Of The Glory Days - 100%

corviderrant, April 28th, 2004

This spent a lot of time in my Walkman when I bought it, and one listen will tell you why--it is one of the best Entombed releases out there this side of the classic "Left Hand Path". Short and sweet, even without L.G. Petrov's iron-lunged roar, this still kills all in its path. Tomas Skogsberg's production was at its apex on this EP, and everything sounds good and clear, yet crushing as only Entombed used to be able to do. *SIGH* Memories, man...

It starts with "Crawl", which also showed up on their inferior second LP, "Clandestine", and this version is far better. After a chilling intro of sound effects and a spoken word part that is hard to decipher due to the thick Swedish accent of the speaker, the tune launches into a mid tempo double bass romp that has just the right amounts of heaviness and is just fast enough to not drag, unlike the album version, which was too slow. That trademark eeevil Swedish death metal guitar buzzsaw rules supreme here as always, as well as their sinister melodies and riffs, and the bass is thick and heavy as it anchors things down with solid weight. Session vocalist Orvar Safstrom's odd, scratchy growl took some getting used to on my part, but he still has lots of character and I grew to like him.

Second track, "Forsaken" starts off as a straight up thrasher and goes into another mid tempo verse that just explodes back into speedy thrash just as you think it's going to let up a little...yeah, right! Great soloing on this tune as well as high energy bass riffing from Lars Rosenberg--he even turns in a furious little solo during the breakdown right before the solo section. Overall, a killer, with Safstrom's final scream of "I'm Forsaken!!!!!" really leaving a scar.

Third and final track, "Bitter Loss", is a reworking of the song from the first album with better production, and it's just as good as the first time around.

This is just what the tile of the review says it is, and I urge ya'll to seek it out so you can get a taster of what real Swedish DM is like. Nuff sed!