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Often Overlooked, but Never Forgotten!!! - 100%

TortureFiend, June 29th, 2007

Ahhh... this is the often forgotten gem in the great early Entombed discography for sure. Everyone always talks about of course "left hand path" and "clandestine" but to me, the latter was a bit of a let down. Loved the previous projects of Johnny Dordevic, but his vocals on Clandestine were nowhere near as good or powerful as the great L.G. Petrov, or Orvar Safstrom (from NIRVANA 2002 glory) on this release... The version of "crawl" on this EP completely blows the "clandestine" version to smitherines!!! Powerful, cutting drums, trademark Sunlight Studios production, and tortured mid-high old school vocals make this a timeless classic!!!!!!!! My favorite song on here has got to be "forsaken". The song transcends from sheer swedish brutality, to one of my favorite melodic parts in swedish DM.... The middle/end of this song is just filled with fucking feeling, and it gives me goosebumps still to this day! This is an absolute must-own release for any self-respecting old school swedish fanatic out there (along with the "but life goes on" demo and "left hand path". Some things are better kept a secret, and this album is one of them... a true diamond in the rough!!!