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Bleeding like Sinners Bleed - 100%

ShotgunBlasphemy, December 8th, 2003

One of my favorite Swedish Death Metal bands is Entombed, they were one of the first Death Metal bands I've ever heard. There are many arguements over Entombed, some fans split between old Entombed (Left Hand Path) and Newer Entombed (Wolverine Blues).

I enjoy both Entombed styles, but I'd much rather listen to Clandestine than "Wolverine Blues" or "To Ride..", you get what I'm saying? Not that those two albums are horrible, but they simply do not compare to the classic swedish death metal style of early Entombed.

1991 was a good year for Sweden. Clandestine came out and fellow Swedes Dismember and Grave brought out their masterpieces "Like An Everflowing Stream" and "Into The Grave" but this album really stood out from the rest.

Clandestine is the definition of a classic death metal album. Startin' off with "Living Dead" and blastin' straight after that is the monster "Sinners Bleed", which I've actualy passed out headbanging to, goin to "Evilyn" and "Blessed Be" this fucken album does NOT SLOW DOWN!

The guitars rule this album and they will chew you up and spit your ass out like you had "Skoal" tattooed on your fucken head. The sound is death metal, but the riffs range from thrashy to groovy with that familiar rock and roll vibe and that Swedish tone shared with Dismember and Grave.. Its not as strong as it is in later albums but its there in Clandestine.

I cant find a single fucken bad thing about this album, and thats damn good. I can replay this 666 times and I'll still be headbanging and throwing up the horns the whole time. I cannot get tired of this album.

My highest reccomendation, if for some Christian reason you've never heard this album, it's a must get. Fans of Dismember, Grave, and Seance will really love this album. And if you think Entombed started with Wolverine Blues, you're in for one big ass fucken surprise.

==Originaly on Morbid Metal (I co-own and write)==