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This is a ''stealthy'' mess! - 83%

Funeral_Shadow, December 24th, 2004

As the album title implies, there's nothing so “clandestine” or secretive about this release because this is considered a classic among the old school death metal realm. Am I the only one though that finds this album to be a little overrated for its own good? Don't get me wrong, this is a milestone for death metal, but it isn't the king of the crop if ya know what I mean because this whole album isn't pure death metal in my mind.

Indeed this is old school with its very raw, sloppy production. Everything about this album is a mess, and that's a good thing in Entombed's case! The guitars are super-duper down-tuned with a very raw sound with a lot of drive/distortion left in the guitar riffs. The bass is no different - it's very groovy sounding and contributes to the guitars. The drums are just everywhere on this album! It's a bloody hell hole for the drum sound with its ill-tempo rhythm. As for the vocals, the crown for the sloppiest goes to that with it's deep-screaming style of singing. In short, the production is a mess. If I wouldn't have known any better, I would mistake this album for a distorted hard rock album or sludgy punk-rock.

You want riffs eh? In the death metal realm, this is considered a riffing monster as you can hear in such a track like "Living Dead" with it's thrashy intro and punk attitude throughout the song. This demonstrates how messy the album is, with the vocalist not singing at the same pace with the music (funny but true, or at least I feel like that.)

"Sinners Bleed" is definitely the track to listen to on Clandestine because it's probably the catchiest and best shows what Entombed are about (when they're not messy or sloppy.) Riffs will knock you senseless in this song, be warned!

On to the more "hard-rockish" side of Entombed, the song "Evilyn" surely shows that side of them. This track is "death'n roll" as people would say, and I'm assuming that this was the dawn of Entombed going down the hard-rock lane with this album.

Anyway, "Blessed Be" starts with a cool guitar riff echoing, then progressively becomes very punk-rockish. My o-my this album is just full of diversity.

Back to death metal now - "Stranger Aeons" has written all over it death metal, old school style, with its monstrous double-bassing opener and a scream.

Wouldn't you know it that on this track "Chaos Breed" it's a return back to thrash metal! As I said, this is a very diverse sounding album, and this track has an almost metalcorish breakdown in the near-middle of the song (the dawn of the genre "metalcore?!" Lol, could be.)

The longest track on the album, "Crawl," will leave you crawling (excuse the corny metaphor use, but I couldn't think of anything better to say!) It's death metal mixed with thrash metal basically, but this track can be a little boring.

"Severe Burns" is yet another so-so track as compared to "Crawl." It's more groove-ish death metal for your ears.

"Through The Collonades" is the last monster track that starts off with a slow, soft guitar opening. Wow, Entombed is playing a ballad? Wrong, chunky riffs break through a minute later and thrash till death!

Overall, this album is a must have for death-heads of all kinds. There's so much diversity in the sound on this album, which makes it all the more enjoyable to listen to. This beats hearing someone doing cookie-monster growls over demonic death metal riffs with blistering blast beats (can you say Cannibal Corpse?!) Underrated? Not really, but overrated? Yes indeed it's overrated to be called one of the best in death metal. Though, it is all around metal with tons of riffs to offer and sloppy moshable tunes. It'll take time for you to appreciate Entombed, but give it time and the album will grow on you clandestinely...

Ear Catchers: Mostly all of them, especially Sinners Bleed.