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THE Death Metal album - 100%

CliffBizkit336, June 11th, 2003

This is my first review so be gentle :)

I was surprised to see that no one else had reviewed this death metal classic. For my money this is the finest death metal release to date. Awesome riffs that are accentuated by a monstrous tone, a heavy atmosphere and interesting songs make this masterpeice one of my favorite albums ever.

Like I said the guitars dominate on this album. The tone is godly and the riffs alternate between thrashy and groovy dishing up a variety of sound that makes this disc so replayable. Lots of "rock and roll" undertones are found throughout this album which may detract some death metal purists but to me it justs adds to the kickassity of the offering.

Top tracks would be Sinners Bleed, Evilyn, and Severe Burns.

If you like death metal seved up with some nice groove check this out. Fans of Dismember Autopsy and Slayer should take notice of this record.