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2Pac R.I.P. - 80%

OzzyApu, May 21st, 2009

Man this sounded like chainsaw dismemberment when the title track came on. The production compared to the title track is a bit more raw and grindy, thus giving an explanation as to why the beginning sounded so unpolished. It’s not a whole lot different when you really get into the songs, but comparing them side by side there is some noticeable changes. As for the tracks themselves, only “Shreds Of Life” doesn’t make it onto Left Hand Path.

You know, I actually like this beastly sound more than the sound of the full-length. To compare the title track to its counterpart, the former clearer has a better grinding sound than the thin distorted pluck of the latter. In fact, everything sounds thinner on the latter, and while it fits the production for that album, everything is definitely more meaty and powerful on this demo. You can hear the bass more on the album versions, but that doesn’t make a difference when all the instruments sound hefty on the demo version. There’s also a ten second difference on the album version, but I don’t hear anything special added in.

“Shreds Of Life” of life is just pure aggression packed into two minutes. No more, no less – doesn’t really standout between the two tracks, so it’s largely forgettable. The vocals are mad growls by Lars, and they sound wonderfully cavernous and grotesque here.

“The Truth Beyond” is a staple of Entombed, and the same comparisons between the title track and its version on Left Hand Path apply here. The overall sound is huge, with the drums being extra chunky, especially with the double bass that you can barely hear. Don’t worry, the double bass is worse on the actual album, but here it fits in just fine. The solos border epic in sound, but not in proportion, which isn’t really a recurring problem, considering that the only epic solo Entombed did in their death metal career was “Left Hand Path.”

There ye go; if you want some chubby booty, then this demo is for you. However, this is hardly essential, since the debut album just gives you more for your buck and time, even though I consider the production inferior to this one solely based on ingredients.

And now to close this review with inspiring lyrics from “But Life Goes On”:

“How many brothas fell victim to tha streetz
Rest in peace young nigga, there's a Heaven for a 'G'
be a lie, if I told ya that I never thought of death
my niggas, we tha last ones left
but life goes on...”