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Regie Cernunnos - 80%

Sargon_The_Terrible, July 29th, 2007

This was an EP Enthroned recorded between their second and third albums as a tribute to founding member Cernunnos, who commited suicide just before the recording of "Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan". It is comprised of 5 songs and 2 instrumentals culled from older Enthroned material.

I was surprised at the quality of the music here. I am no big fan of EPs (or MCDs, as they are called these days.) and generally prefer full-length albums, but as soon as the riffs kick off on "By Dark Glorious Thoughts" I was hooked into this blurring display of BM prowess. Despite the fact that several of these songs were several years old even when they were recorded, they still sound fresh and energetic. "Walpurgis Night" is by far the coolest tune here, with a slow opener of pounding drums, chants and moaning women that builds slowly on creeping riffs to finally open up at full Enthroned speed. There is a lot more dynamic in this song than these guys usually bother with, and the lyrics are very cool. "Satan Never Sleeps" is a slower, more Death Metal tune (as it was written for the pre-Enthroned band Morbid Death) with very cool riffs, and despite being more primitive I like it a lot. "The Conquerer" is, of course, a Sodom song, but they do it well. "Deny The Holy Book of Lies" is a song from their debut album re-recorded. The sound here is much heavier than on the preceeding "Skullthrone", and overall I think this is the best production they have had.

The package is fairly typical of Enthroned, with the usual fonts and layout. I like that their albums have a unified sort of look to them, and that they have never changed their logo. (Always a sign of impending sellout.) The lyrics are cool, and the band photos are exactly what you would expect.

Despite the degree of recycling going on here, this is a very cool disc. With two instrumentals and a cover song, you are only getting 4 real Enthroned songs, otherwise I would rate this higher, but this is worth tracking down nonetheless.