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A nice little addition - 72%

Lord_Jotun, December 29th, 2003

There's not much to say about Enthroned's little EP "Goatlust", which was supposed to be the follow up to the band's "Armoured Bestial Hell" album but got hugely delayed due to reasons unknown to me (probably during the mess regarding the band an dtheir former label someone didn't take care of it anymore, and the line-up change which occurred around that time certainly didn't help).
The two songs presented here are the last recorded with Namroth Blackthorn on drums, and he is credited as a session member on the liner notes.

As for the music, the EP offers pretty much all we've come to expect from Entrhoned lately. The title track is a very short (just a little more than two minutes) furious frenzy of jackhammer drums and razor-sharp guitars, topped by Sabathan's trademark screams which here are left in my opinion a bit too high in the mix, often drowning out the actual riffs. A good track anyway.
"The Black End" occupies side B; it's a bit longer and has a very good and kinda catchy riff in the chorus, and a variation in the middle section which keeps the listener's attention from wandering away (well... if you can lose your attention while listening to a 3 minute song, that is).

To cut a long story short, if you liked "Armoured Bestial Hell" and "Carnage In Worlds Beyond", or if you simply enjoy fast but well performed Black Metal, you may want to check this out. It's limited to 1000 copies so you might find it hard to track it down, but don't go mad because of it. It's a nice addition, but certainly not Enthroned's ultimate release; very good by EP's standards nevertheless.