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Their Worst One...Uninspired. - 63%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, January 25th, 2008

Enthroned never missed an album in their career till the great “The Apocalypse Manifesto”, but with this one they had a decline. Anyway I don’t consider this one a totally bad album. Surely this is their worst one. Try to forget the hellish production of the previous one, the songwriting of their first two masterpieces, or the good lead guitar work, a trademark in their sound.

Let me say that the violence is always present and rooted in their sound but for example in “Wrapped By Fire” is a violence that leads nowhere in terms of songwriting and creativity. The rhythm guitars have been already heard several times and in a better way in other albums. The lead guitars have less creativity too. The production is quite raw compared to “The Apocalypse Manifesto” and a bit bad for the drum work, always a bit hidden behind the loud guitars.

Sabathan's vocals are always evil and screamed to excess and in the title track finally we can breath the essence of brimstone because this is a quite good one, with a quite good guitar work but nothing if compared to the past. “Enslaved Revealed” has a thrash beginning, quite interesting but not totally Enthroned style, followed by a generic guitar riff. Anyway a quite boring song.

“Spell From The Underground” has a good riffage followed by an odd riff at 1:45, actually not very good. The solos are fast and the tempos are less energetic…The thrashy influences return in the violent “Spheres Of Damnation” (nice) and the fast “The Face Of Death”, this one not enthusiastic but only quite good. “When Hell Freezes Over” has an interesting doomy beginning with a fast restart at the guitar solo. Maybe the best song here.

The two hyper-fast-thrashy songs at the end of the album are a bit generic and only in “Terminate Annihilation” we have good lead guitar lines but, all in all a quite boring and generic album…not Enthroned style. It’s not insufficient in my opinion but not so good. Simply generic…