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Enthrallment - People From the Lands of Vit - 40%

Orbitball, May 25th, 2012

First time ever hearing this brutal death/grind outfit and man was I disappointed! Just nowhere this album goes to. I didn't really like anything about it. The vocals were deep throat based, the guitars were fast, but the leads really lagged. The production quality was mediocre. You can hear all of the instruments pretty well, but this album is just a putrid display of their genres. I didn't like anything about it. The sound quality was below par in my opinion.

I don't really favor what they sing about. Plus you can't understand the vocals anyway unless you read the lyric sheet. This is not a new thing though. Most death metal bands are impossible to decipher what the vocalists are singing about. Definitely a short album and the instrumental on track 9 was useless. It didn't fit the album at all. They should've even have put that on here. Only a 31 minute album and 31 minutes of useless music. I couldn't stand to play it even more than once.

The music featured guitars that were tremolo picked galore which is good but nothing really stuck to me playing this release. I don't think that they put in enough time and effort to recording this album. There should've been a stronger production quality, music that sticks to you, vocals that display a modicum amount of talent and originality in regards to the lyrical content. I can't even fathom 1 song on here that I actually did like. The whole of the release that has nothing I have good to say about it.

Riffs needed to be more memorable as far as the songwriting goes. Leads need to be better constructed. Not just gibberish. Vocals need more variety in tone. It doesn't take a lot of talent to feature only gutteral throat especially since there features just one vocalist. The drums were monotonous and fit the riffs but bored the hell out of me. If you're going to do a bit of grind, best to follow what Mick Harris did for Napalm Death during the earlier days of the band, especially on Harmony Corruption,

Overall, not worth picking up. A complete waste if you ask me. I don't hear any talent with this band. They have nothing good to offer the death/grind community. Too short of a release, guitars that show no innovation or memorability, lyrics that are putrid, vocals which are monotonous, production that is totally weak, and mixing that was just average. I plan on not hearing this band ever again. There just was nothing that struck me here. Avoid it at all costs!