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Under Enslaved's Hammer - 100%

MHITO, October 5th, 2002

This is the first full lenght ablum by Enlaved (don't let the tracklisting fool you the album runs over 50 minutes) released after the promissing Hordanes land split with Emperor.

A lot more focussed than Hordanes Land, Vikingligr Veldis offers a perfect mixture of Black Metal and, dare I say it, Ambient. The songs are all built around long, melodic and beautifully paced riffs that spiral and twist through the landscapes, deities and legends envisioned within the lyrical concept.

The production is perfect for this kind of music, the guitars are fairly highpitched, the bass is overdriven unto the point where it sounds almost like a downtuned guitar.
The drums are thunderous and intens, and the electronics used are perfectly balanced to complete the atmospheric vibe the guitars and bass create.

Grutle Kjellson's vocals are, as always strong and well paced.
This guy never sings a word to much.
And that's quite an accomplishment in a 12 minute song :-)

Toppers of the album are Vetrarnot and Norvegr, The former simply because of of it's raging blizzardlike speed and ferocious drumming(can you name one other drummer who can pull off a blast for about 4 minutes? with no breaks no changes in accentuation?). The latter is a ten minute instrumental epos that actually show you the beauty of Norway, a desolate and majestic beauty you must have seen to believe...
This music however is next best thing.